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1000 Women, 1000 Voices- Promoting Women Leadership

Few weeks after the Women’s Walk for Peace organized by A Girl Project, the Founder, Bukola Solomon launched the 1000 Women 1000 Voices social media campaign to promote young women leadership in the country. The campaign targets women between the ages of 18 and 35.

According to the Founder, “there is an urgent need for a shift in societal attitude towards women particularly, to challenge the sexist and derogatory attitude that most men in our country display towards women and girls.
She underlines the importance of social media in achieving this goal, hence, the need for women to raise their voices on their own platforms about what it means to be a woman.
Young women have been challenged to find their own identity, realize their full potential and actively participate in all spheres of life so that our society can be well-developed.
“Who are you? Do you even know who you are without what the society or your religion tell you to be? Being a woman is more than biology and our aim is encourage young women to explore their unique abilities and qualities.”
Bukola said she is inspired seeing the positive response of women to the campaign. In 2 weeks, almost 200 messages have been collected. Follow @agirlprojectng on Instagram to see some of the quotes collated. You too can join your voice to this campaign and be heard!

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