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Oma Ehiri

Oma is a writer and a blogger who is inspired by life, thrilled with planning activities and believes in the future of the young. She is the team lead of SoTectonic and a contributor on so many other platforms including tw magazine, Bella Naija, The Naked Convos and My Lekki. Follow her on instagram and twitter, @oma263.

  • Features
    How To Get Back To Work After The Holidays

    Getting back to work after the holidays can be quite a drag. We always think that we will be a 100%...

    Oma EhiriSeptember 5, 2017
  • Reviews
    Banana Island Ghost- Movie Review

    Last month, we had quite a number of good movies in the cinemas but the one that I saw was Banana...

    Oma EhiriSeptember 2, 2017
  • Features
    About The Summer

    The title of this post reminds me so much of my days in Primary School when we were asked to share...

    Oma EhiriSeptember 1, 2017
  • Hair & Beauty
    Henna Tattoo- Transcending Beyond Tradition

    I have got love for art. This is to be expected because I am a creative and creativity is really about...

    Oma EhiriAugust 7, 2017
  • Fashion & Style
    Velvet X Veba

    Lately, I have been thinking of how to incorporate prints to a bridal train and this black velvet dress with a...

    Oma EhiriAugust 5, 2017
  • Reviews
    The In-Laws

    Marriage is the union of 2 people only because it starts and ends with 2 people. However, the role that the...

    Oma EhiriJuly 31, 2017
  • Hair & Beauty
    Need A New Matte Lipstick? Try These!

    It is National Lipstick Day and I thought to share with you some of the lipstick colours that I am currently...

    Oma EhiriJuly 29, 2017
  • Život Oma
    How I spent Election Day

    Today was exactly like any other no-event Saturday except that Local Government elections were going on. As a result of the...

    Oma EhiriJuly 22, 2017
  • From My Lens
    #AMAA2017: What Happens Behind The Stage

    Working with talents is a job that I love and every opportunity that I get to be involved in their project,...

    Oma EhiriJuly 21, 2017
  • Fashion & Style
    If I Had 256 Euros, I Would Cop These 7 Zara Shoes On Sale

    I know that I haven’t been around much but that is because I have been busy with the AMAAs. I had...

    Oma EhiriJuly 18, 2017

SoTectonic is a lifestyle brand. The platform which started out in 2012 was inspired by our Site Director, Oma Ehiri, who needed a space where she could put down her thoughts on issues that influences individual lifestyles. The goal is to deeply impact the lives of the readers such that they can consider creating positive changes in their day to day lives. We create lifestyle contents from  inspirational stories to beauty, fashion, technology and travel. Occassionally, we feature event stories that we believe will have an impact on the lives of our readers.

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