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Experiencing Samsung Gear VR On The Vibrating Chair

At the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Nigeria, there was this Gear VR experience corner. Though I had experienced the Gear VR at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in Nigeria last year, the catch this time was a vibrating chair which made the experience totally different.

The first thing that sends s a signal that you are in for something is when you sit on the vibrating chair and the lady tells you to strap yourself.

Strapped to the chair, I went on to wear the Gear VR and the experience began.

With the Gear VR, everything comes alive and you feel as though you are inside of the movie. With the vibrating chair, you don’t just feel with your eyes and mind but your body also feels it.

While we jumped or approached any bump, I felt as though I was actually about to fall and it was after m experience that I appreciated the fact that I was asked to get strapped lest I fall off.

Samsung Gear VR is available at Samsung authorised stores and better experienced with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Have you experienced the Gear VR?

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