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Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

Growing up, I always thought that red lips was not a thing for me. Not until I became a Makeup Artist and discovered that there are different types of red lipsticks- one for every skin tone. To find the one that works for you, here are the 4 things you need to do

Understand your skin tone:  skin tone

It is very important that we understand our skin tone because this is the only way we will be able to match our makeup properly. When we do not pick our colors based on skin tones we end up looking “off”.

Understand the different shades of reds:

Even as a makeup newbie, it is important to know the exact names of the different shades out there. The picture below has the correct names of all the shades of reds.shades of red

Understanding Undertones:

Understanding your skin undertone is the most important of all. If you get your undertone wrong, you will definitely pick a wrong shade of Red. I will spare you a lot of MUA literature and get right down to business.  I have inserted two pictures below; the first shows the list of undertones and how they are grouped and the next picture is a visual representation of what types of reds you should be looking for based on your undertone.

Finally, if you have problems recognizing your undertone, consult with an experienced and professional MUA.

Find a complimentary lip liner: lip liner

To get the best out of any lipstick is to use a complimentary lip liner. A liner creates more definition and gives your lip application longevity.

As usual, I love writing these articles and I will definitely encourage every lady who has not rocked a red lipstick to go out and try one. When you do, please do not hesitate to tag us on Instagram @felicheetaartistry, we will love to see your looks.


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