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#HLFDW17: 5 Rules To Observe While The Show Is On

It is only a few hours to the highly anticipated fashion week in Nigeria, the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017. Tuke Morgan, a Nigerian lifestyle blogger, has already prepared us for this moment with her piece on Bella Naija and Deola made a video with her best friend, Edwin which you should watch HERE. Thus, there will be no need to act like we didn’t see it and start to repeat what has been written. However,  we will like to call your attention to a few rules that you should observe whilst the show is on. This is not just for the fashion week newbies because even the OLGs tend to falter.

  1. Do not cross the runway

Trying to go across the runway at any point in time during the show is totally unacceptable. The only time you can be caught doing this is at the start of the show and at the end of the show. This is to make sure that the runway is free during the show and you do not accidentally bump into a model while the show is on.

  1. Stay seated while the show is on

There will be a lot of content creators at the show trying to get the right shots for their platforms. You should not be an hinderance to what could have otherwise been an amazing shot. The lights go off in between shows and you can make your exit.

  1. Remove your sunglasses

There is no reason for you to have your shades on while the show is on. Best believe the lights won’t be blinding. The only person who could be excused for wearing sunshades during the show is the model and maybe a performer just for that added swag that I never truly understand.

  1. Keep your voice down while chit chatting

Everyone wants the spotlight but speaking so loudly is certainly not the way to draw that attention to you. It is rude to allow even your phone to ring out. If you must speak or pick your calls, keep it hush hush.

  1. Cross your legs if you get the FRow

The VIPs get the FRow (Front Row) and they act accordingly because they are likely to be captured so many times by the paparazzi. One thing that you must do is to get the perfect sitting posture. One of which is crossing your legs.


We look forward to getting you on our cam these 4days!

Featured Image via Cassie Daves

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