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How to Celebrate Library Lovers Month

Library Lovers Month is not a very familiar observance but it does exist. The best way to celebrate is to fall in love with the libraries around you. It sure contains a lot of resources that could expose you to many things that you probably never knew. Asides from going in search of resources, it is a great place to stay and do some work especially if you are one who works from home.

As a final year student, I usually paid visits to the UN Information Center. I stayed there to work on my projects between 9am and 4pm when I would then head for home. If I had a library close to me, I would have been a regular visitor there.

Since we are celebrating Library Lovers Month, I decided to share this image of the Broumov Monastery library that I visited while on my trip to Europe. This has got to be the most amazing library I ever seen. It currently has about 17,000 books.

I will love to see an image of a library close to you. Share the images on your social media platforms and tag @sotectonic.

Oma Ehiri

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