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In His Time

For I was born at a time like this
To experience that which many generations before me never experienced
And many generations after me will never experience.

That the showers of blessings at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church for this month falls on a day like this (if you are in Akute or its environs, come through. It begins at 6pm).

That in this time,
He reminds me that He made time.
For the one who invented the clock
could only do so cos He gave him time.
Hence it ticks but not according to His time.

Therefore, his word in Acts16:25-26 will come to past suddenly
But only in His time.
And when it does, it will be suddenly
cos though I wait upon the Lord
In praise, worship and prayers (expectant),
the miracle that propels it to happen will leave me in awe.

Tell someone,
My time is not determined by your time
Or even the time of the world
Who keeps track of time with the clock invented by the one who was inspired by the Creator of time.
My time is when He says it is Time.
Hence, I wait on His Time which is PERFECT
And pray for grace and patience to stay in sync with His time.

Shot on Samsung Galaxy S8

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