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Makeup Trends Every Lady Should try This Spring/ Summer

Spring is almost over and summer calls. Here are a few makeup trends which we published last year and are still relevant today:

  1. The “Adele” Signature wing liner:   This trend constantly comes back almost every decade. The trend was also a big signature of the ladies of the 30’s.adele
  2. The bold purple Lips: Spring/ summer is all about freshness and bright colors, so trying on a bright purple should be on your to do list ladies. I love this lavender because it works for all skin tones when applied in the right consistency and amount.bold lips
  3. The “ No Eye Shadow” Look: You just have to love the “ No eyeshadow Look”. This is created by using natural and earth tone colors which are close to your natural skin tone.nude makeup
  4. The Dewy Finish:  Spring and summer is what I call the season of “The Glow”. This season is all about creating a clean and fresh slate. While we are doing our spring cleaning and planting new flowers, we need to also create a flawless face which looks fresh and clean. The dewy look is when the skin looks a little bit oily but still fresh and has that oily glow. This can be achieved by using a highlighter which will reflect light once the sun hits your face or it can also be achieved by using a luminous foundation, which will help create the intended glow.dewy makeup

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