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Need A New Matte Lipstick? Try These!

It is National Lipstick Day and I thought to share with you some of the lipstick colours that I am currently in love with. These lipsticks are from 5 different brands and they all share one thing in common; they are matte. They all glide on differently and have their unique features which is why I am going to list them below with images, swatches and of course give you a little brief of why I love each one.

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blushbaby doll kiss and blush by ysl

I already spoke about this lipstick HERE. It is by YSL and costs about $40 HERE but you can shop from Beauty Bar by Essenza at the Palms.

Zaron Matte Stainzaron

This is in the shade 04 which the band has named Royale. It is dark purple, glides on th elips nicely but it isn’t as drying as other matte lip colors that you may know such that it still gives your lips some moisture. I love this lip color as I can even use it even in dry seasons when the lips need some extra attention. This is because I am not a fan of shine or glossy lip colours. You can shop this HERE for 3,340 Naira.

Ferraruci matte long lasting lip glossferrarucci

This is in the shade FLC32 and that is a dark wine color. When you speak of a matte lip color, this is it. It is completely matte and dry as well. On first application, it seems watery but give it a few seconds and it dries up immediately. I got mine from a makeup artist, AndreaJoan (@andreajoanmua on Instagram) for less than 5,000 Naira.

Yanga Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstickyangabeauty

I have this in 2 shade but I love this purp shade better. By now, you can tell that I love dark colours of lipsticks. This seems to be a semblance of the Zaron royale lip colour but lighter. I barely use this because I still have the Zaron one. You can shop this for 3000 Naira HERE.

Black Up Rouge À Lèvresblack up

This is the shade 32M which is a lighte shade of wine which is why it looks as though it is giving off some pink notes. You can shop HERE for 8,800 Naira.

Which of these lip br

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