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  • Fashion & Style
    Trends: Fringe Alert

    Fringing has been around since the 90s but made a comeback in the 2000s. I remember spotting it at the Spring...

    SoTectonicOctober 21, 2017
  • Features
    #HLFDW2017: What To Expect

    Fashion week is only a few days ago and last week Friday, we were at the Press cocktail where the organisers,...

    SoTectonicOctober 18, 2017
  • Reviews
    Brand review: Shopping at Zoot

    Yesterday was international Tourism Day and I thought that I will share with you one of my favourite finds while I...

    Oma EhiriSeptember 28, 2017
  • Život Oma
    Once Upon A Sunny Day in Veba

    I hear it is the first day of fall which means that summer is officially over but not for all. For...

    Oma EhiriSeptember 23, 2017
  • Fashion & Style
    Spotted! Stephanie Coker in Gert-Johan Coetzee

    The Voice Nigeria has been on for a few weeks now and this year, the style story seems to be a...

    SoTectonicSeptember 11, 2017
  • From My Lens
    #AMAA2017: What Happens Behind The Stage

    Working with talents is a job that I love and every opportunity that I get to be involved in their project,...

    Oma EhiriJuly 21, 2017
  • Fashion & Style
    If I Had 256 Euros, I Would Cop These 7 Zara Shoes On Sale

    I know that I haven’t been around much but that is because I have been busy with the AMAAs. I had...

    Oma EhiriJuly 18, 2017
  • Fashion & Style
    Touch By Asoebi Girl Debuts New Collection, Wonderwoman.

    AsoebiGirl launches a new female fashion retail arm called Touch by AsoebiGirl with its debut WonderWoman collection. The Wonderwoman collection is largely...

    SoTectonicJuly 18, 2017
  • Fashion & Style
    Unpredictable by Nouva Couture

    Unpredicatble by Nouva Couture is a collection that was crafted from multiple sources of inspiration as evidenced by the various colos...

    SoTectonicJuly 7, 2017
  • Fashion & Style
    Veba Fashion Show at The Czech Days in Ghana

    At the opening party of the Czech days in Ghana, Veba showcased some of the outfits made at its atelier to...

    SoTectonicApril 18, 2017

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