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Once Upon A Sunny Day in Veba

I hear it is the first day of fall which means that summer is officially over but not for all. For some, they are just getting read for summer. This takes my mind back to this beautiful day which started with rains in Lagos but by noon, the sun was out, bright and super hot that you can tell even from the pictures below.

It was an outdoor party with an African Tea Theme. You know how I love my prints. So, finding something to wear wasn’t difficult at all especially when you have a stash of outfits designed with my go to brand, Veba. However, I wanted to show off my new shoes from Zoot, a Czech retail store that stocks various brands like Dorothy Perkins. That became a deciding factor for what look I went for and this 2 piece designed by Miubabe by Ebonystonia was it.ankara style

summer fashion

Dorothy Perkins

ankara styles

sunny day in Lagos

Just a little about these prints. It is from the micro collection of Veba launched during the 2016 Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. It comes in about 3 color variants- this dark shade, blue and pink. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have spotted the pink shade on a bag and Stock Hub has also used the blue shade to design the same bag as well. The creative director of the brand fell in love with the design from the moment she set her eyes on it and knew that it was a perfect fit for her popular disc bag. It looks fabulous as a bag and even more on me *smiles*. That’s the versatility of Veba prints. Think it and you can live it cos with Veba, Life is Fashion!


Fabric- Veba (@vebafashion; tailored by Miubabe by Ebonystonia
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins from Zoot
Hair- ST Hair & Beauty (@sthairandbeauty); wigged by Beauvonne (@beauvonne)
Bag- Carolina Herrera
Lipstick- Ferrarucci from AndreaJoanMua’s store (@andreajoanmua)
Captured on Samsung Galaxy S8.

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