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Experiencing Living Lalique: The People’s Opinion

We did make a lot of buzz about the need to stop over at the Palms shopping mall over the weekend as Lalique was launching a new fragrance. Lalique introduced Living Lalique to Nigeria and Lasgidi people were the first to experience the fragrance. Before we get the pictures of that outing ready for you, we got a bottle of the fragrance and the special goody bag from Lalique. Oma went to the streets to ask people what they thought about the fragrance and here is what they had to say:

Favor: The fragrance is sensual

Jennifer: It is simply romantic

Ada: It has this masculine smell to it that makes you bold

Omomen: I would say it is fruity but has a woody scent as well. So, it is a mixture of feminity and masculinity. I love the smell.

David: This is good. Smells really good. Whao! If I had a  wife and I take this smell home, there is no way it won’t catch her attention. She is going to be probing where I went or who I was with that got this amazing fragrance on me. She would most definitely be jealous.

20150531_232810 20150531_232919 20150531_232710 20150531_232635 20150531_232210Living Lalique is a floral woody fragrance from the French Luxury brand. It was designed having the urban lifestyle of the modern day woman in mind. The bottle which was designed by Rene Lalique is transparent and quite stunning. The cap has the Lalique logo which is the swallow, engraved in gold and beneath it is the name of the fragrance inscribed on the top part of the bottle. Living Lalique is the fragrance for the grown and matured woman who has an active lifestyle.

STOCKIST: To purchase a bottle of Living lalique and any other fragrance from the brand, visit Essenza stores nationwide. Another fragrance that we love from the brand is the Ecrire Noire. Very strong and also long lasting. It is also available exclusively at Essenza stores nationwide!

GIVEAWAY: Win a Lalique Locket by telling us who designed the Living Lalique bottle. Answer is in the post! Entries close on the 3rd of June, 2015


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