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Pre-Event Skin Care Regime


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In this post, I share with you my skin care regime which I follow diligently 7 days before any event I have prior notice of. I have a routine that I have carved for myself and manage to stick to in an attempt to pamper my skin daily which makes it much easier to do a 7day pre-event skin care regime.

When I get an invite, the first thing I do is mark the date and set a reminder for 7 days to the D-day. So, within those 7day, I book an appointment with my manicurist, get him to shop my desired nail color if he doesn’t already have it and make a conscious effort to see to it that I begin the 7 days skin care regime.

2015-04-15 12.11.29This skin care regime pretty much starts the night of the 7th day. As soon as I get home, I do a deep cleansing and scrubbing of my skin with my regular shower glove and this includes scrubbing my face gently.







2015-04-15 12.15.53I apply an acne lotion to my face to dry up the skin.  Remember I said this is my own skin care regime which you can tweak to suit your skin type because you really don’t need the acne lotion if you have never had acne. I have had a lot of those in the past and once in a while, I still get paranoid that one zit may just appear. So, this is me taking precautions.





2015-04-15 12.12.33By the morning, I do my usual cleansing with the Olay shower gel which I have grown to love for about 7 years now in different variants and they have worked so well for me. From the 7 effects to the ultra moisture with shea butter which I do prefer now.






2015-04-15 12.15.02After the cleansing, I hop on my Olay toner which I recently added to that regime last year after a former colleague took me through a quick beauty regime. It is not harsh on my skin and perfect if you have combination or oily skin. Many people tend to skip the toning step but beauticians will tell you that it is important because it removes any last traces of your cleanser, balances the PH of your skin and prepares your skin for moisturising.






2015-04-15 12.13.40The next step is the moisturising and I use the Olay body lotion in the quench line. I try to go with anyone that has shea butter in it and this with the Vitamin E and B3 works well.







2015-04-15 14.38.36As soon a I moisturise my skin, the only makeup that gets on my face through the day is my powder if necessary. I try to keep the face makeup free as much as I can which isn’t a hustle for me since I am not much of an everyday makeup person. I avoid pore clogging makeup and foundation is a complete No within those 7 days.






Image via Matse Cooks

Image via Matse Cooks

As much as I invest on all those products for my skin, I also eat right within those 7 days by eating at least a bowl of fruits each day. Fruits help your skin to glow. Also, stay hydrated more than ever before and get rid of those toxins that prevents your skin from glowing out.





The morning of that day, all I do is my cleansing, toning, the moisturising and I am ready to begin my make-up.

What are some of your skin care regime?

P.S: If you have any questions, drop a comment and I will get back to you.



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