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Spicy Chicken Wings & Fries at Eve Restaurant

Last week I went out for dinner with Deola at Eve restaurant (@theeverestaurant) on Adeola Odeku and opted for chicken wings and fries.

Prep Time:

It took about 45minutes to get ready.


This made the food really inviting. From the picture above, you can see that the chef went out of their way to use the ketchup to spell EVE. For me, these little things do matter.


I love the chicken wings. It was spicy and I do love spicy. So this was a win for me. As for the fries, I did not get to pay so much attention to the taste but ask me about the wings again and I will say, spicy! If you however cannot deal with oepper, you may want to let the waiter know befoe your order is prepared.

Have you ever been to Eve Restaurant; What did you have?

Oma Ehiri


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