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Summer is here…..Let’s take a trip!

Hooraaaaayyy! It is officially the peak of summer- the time when you get transported to exotic places and interesting times.

Though we are feeling the cringing cold in this part of the world, summer is one of the warmest seasons and research says it’s the hottest of the four temperatures. But then again, do Nigerians really get summer? For us, it is more about the vacation and all the trips that we can take at this time plus all the sales that happen about now*big smile*

The blog is ready and loaded with exciting stories from all of our contributors and we got a new columnist- one whose name is not quite new on the blog but now, she gets a new cap bringing you ‘The Chronicles of Maldives’. We also have a fresh column, ‘Peradventure’.

Peradventure is the story of a young lady who is trying to figure out life in the city of Lagos and our columnist expresses her thoughts and infuses some experiences that every female can relate to. It will be published every Friday about lunch time. So, get the blog bookmarked and let the ride begin.

Other interesting pieces that we have for you are on fashion and style during the summer period, fitness, healthy foods, skin care, finance which will focus on your shopping guide so that you so not travel and get broke as well as hair tips even after the Nazuri Curls series is over. We also have some amazing reviews coming your way from Guerlain to Bvlgari, Bentley, maybe Pandora, definitely Sleek and Black Up, a few books and most certainly movies. We are also working on some Video content that cuts across a number of issues from personal hygiene to life experiences, rantings, reviews and how to tips.

Speaking of health, we are kicking off a challenge today and it is called, ‘1Fruit’. 1 Fruit is aimed at ensuring that you have at least one fruit daily. Medically, we are expected to have 8 servings but many do not even get a tiny bit of an apple or a grain of corn, much more 8 servings. So, the whole idea is to keep you on track and help you get used to eating some fruits which you may discover during this challenge.

This is one amazing moment on the blog that we have always looked forward to and can’t wait to start unraveling the exciting line of contents we have. So, get on board our dual edition, flight July/August and let’s take you through ‘Summer & Travel’. New month, new swag, it is summer, let’s take a ride! Whispering, Happy New Month to y’all!!!

Editorially in love,



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